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Capability Profile

Environmental Laboratory

Our environmental laboratory is analysing water for the past 24 years. We are one of the few accredited environmental laboratories in the country. Our state of the art environmental laboratory tests commercial and domestic drinking and waste water to see if it meets local and national guidelines. All samples are tested by our team of qualified experienced laboratory analysts. All completed analysis reports are reviewed by the Department Lead Chemist prior to sending results back to the customer. If you wish to audit or visit our laboratory please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our service is tailor made for our customers, if you require a special reporting format or a fast turnaround time on samples we can help!!.

Free postage of sample bottles to customers. Please contact chemicals@tellab.ie or tel:059 9152881.

Many people will not drink their tap water……Why??

Domestic Water

  1. Well water testing (verify the safety of the water to drink for planning applications or peace of mind)
  2. Mains water testing (verify the safety of the water if your suspicious the water is causing health problems for your family)
  3. Bacteria testing
  4. Lead testing (Lead pipes may have been used in water service connections and in inside plumbing in properties built up to and including the 1970s)
  5. Commercial Mains and Waste Water Analysis

    We currently test water and effluent from a large spectrum of sectors from government agencies, county councils, retailers, restaurants, colleges and hotels to agricultural water supplies. Our ability to tailor our water testing suites to meet individual client requirements enables us to help clients meet their obligations with local authorities and discharge licences.

    Interceptor Waste Water Analysis

    Used by companies to assess their compliance with section 4 and Section 16 of the company discharge licences.

    Samples can be taken either by our qualified environmental engineers or employees using the correct PPE, following strict health & safety guidelines.

    Samples collected must be returned to our environmental laboratory within 24 hours of the sample been collected. Failure to meet this timeframe will require the sample to be retaken

    Please contact TelLab for free sample bottles

    How to choose your environmental laboratory

    1. How much experience have the laboratory?
    2. Are they an accredited laboratory?
    3. What QA procedure is in place to verify the accuracy of your reports? i.e. all reports are reviewed by our Lead Chemist prior to sending the report back to the customer
    4. What parameters is the lab testing for? Some labs have a standard water analysis suite with minimal test parameters. Make sure you are comparing "apples with apples"
    5. What is the turnaround time on water analysis results?
    6. What Chemical and Microbiological Parameters we test for:


      1. Alkalinity
      2. Ammonia as NH4
      3. Calcium
      4. Chloride
      5. Colour (Pt-Co Units)
      6. Conductivity (uS/cm @ 20'C)
      7. Copper
      8. Iron
      9. Langelier Index @ 15'C
      10. Langelier Index @ 80'C
      11. Lead (ug/l)
      12. Magnesium
      13. Manganese
      14. Nitrate
      15. Nitrite
      16. pH
      17. Total Hardness
      18. Turbidity (FTU)
      19. Zinc


      Our Microbiological suite includes all of the tests in the chemical suite and these additional tests.
      1. Escherichia coli (cfu/100mls)
      2. Total Coliforms (cfu/100mls)

      3. All water analysis/ parameters are tested onsite at TelLab in our accredited Environmental Laboratory, Tullow, Co. Carlow

      Inorganic and organic analysis

      We can analyze soils and water for a range of inorganic and organic analysis. A number of our methods are INAB accredited.


      T.E.Laboratories Ltd can also handle your toxicity testing requirements. If you would like a quote or advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Sampling options

      We can provide sampling containers if you wish to carry out the sampling yourself, or our environmental service engineers can collect them from you nationwide. We hire out time and flow proportional composite samplers.

      More Info

      Please contact our sales department if you have any queries as to what tests you need. Email: chemicals@tellab.ie or Tel: 059 91 52881

      For more information on our analytical techniques, quality assurance schemes and limits of detection follow the links at the top of the page.

      On-line Brochures are available

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