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General Volumetric Solutions

For all laboratory uses; This is a brief selection of our products, for a more complete listing please see our catalogue.

All our volumetric solutions are issued with a Certificate of Analysis/Conformance which ships with the products.

Current Prices on our General Volumetric Solutions

Type Pack-Size Price
Ammonia 0.1M 1ltr €18.00
Ammonium Thiocyanate 0.1M 1ltr €24.00
EDTA 0.1M (0.2N) 1ltr €25.00
Hyamine 0.04M 5ltr €35.00
Hydrochloric Acid 0.1M 1ltr €12.00
Hydrochloric Acid 0.1M 5ltr €23.50
Hydrochloric Acid 1.0M 1ltr €12.00
Hydrochloric Acid 1.0M 5ltr €23.50
Iodine 0.05M (0.1N) 1ltr €26.00
Nitric Acid 0.1M 5lts €40.00
Potassium Hydroxide 0.1M (aq) 1ltr €24.00
Silver Nitrate 0.05M 2.5ltr €40.00
Silver Nitrate 0.085M 2.5ltr €50.00
Silver Nitrate 0.1M 2.5ltr €62.00
Sodium Carbonate 0.25M 1ltr €14.00
Sodium Hydroxide 0.1M 1ltr €8.60
Sodium Hydroxide 0.1M 5ltr €22.00
Sodium Hydroxide 1.0M 1ltr €12.00
Sodium Hydroxide 1.0M 5ltr €24.00
Sodium Nitrite 0.1M 2.5ltr €34.00
Sodium Thiosulphate 0.1M 2.5ltr €20.00
Sulphuric Acid 0.05M (0.1N) 1ltr €24.00
Sulphuric Acid 25%v/v 1ltr €23.50

Prices exclusive of VAT

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