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Tellab is pleased to launch our new hydromonitrix water test kits. Based around a simple colour test, each test kit includes a set of easy-to-use reagents, with clear instructions on how to use them. You will only need 5mL of water to test for each parameter, and the results can be read directly from the colour card included with the kit.

There are 6 test to choose from:

1. pH test

2. Nitrate/nitrite test (both tests in one kit)

3. Phosphate test

4. Ammonia test

5.Total hardness test

6. Alkalinity test

Hydromonitrix offers

  • Quick, easy testing
  • Accurate results
  • Low-cost: no instruments required
  • Instant results so you can take action immediately

For more information on the individual tests, see our information sheet.

Please contact us for more details.