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Machine Care Analysis

Machine Care is a world-leading predictive maintenance system based on condition monitoring through oil analysis.

The process is very simple, a small 30ml of oil is taken onsite and placed in a sample jar. T.E. Laboratories can supply you with the tools to take the oil sample and the sample storage jar.

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The sample can be sent to T. E. Laboratories machine care laboratory. Our team will test the oil sample to identify potential problems in your machinery before they cause serious damage.

Using Machine Care T. E. Laboratories Ltd can identify abnormal wear in any of lubricated metallic components of your machinery giving you early warning of possible failure. It can spot many other sources of trouble such as dirty fuel and coolant contamination before they lead to breakdown.

Advantages of Machine Care

  • Checks Oil Conditions
  • Extends Oil Change Interval
  • Gives Extended warranties
  • Identifies defect operating conditions
  • Increases machine availability
  • Helps schedule maintenance

Machine care is an invaluable technical support tool for the Maintenance Engineer; by analysing trends, costly downtime can be kept to a minimum and maintenance carried out in the most economical manner.

How Machine Care Works

The Machine Care System operates in three easy steps

  • TelLab Engineer can take a 30ml sample of oil. The maintenance engineer can be supplied with a pre-addressed tube containing a sample bottle.
  • Your sample is analysed using the most advanced equipment available, including an Auto- Viscometer, FT-IR and ICP spectrometer. The results are evaluated by experienced diagnosticians who review previous sample details and equipment history to help determine potential problems.
  • Results indicating a serious condition reach you within 72 hours. A written report containing full results and details of recommended action follows by post.

Machine Care can be applied to

  • Road, Rail and Shipping Fleets
  • Mining, quarrying and construction plants
  • Stationary or mobile industrial units, generators, compressors, pumps etc
  • Transmission, gear and hydraulic oils
  • Textile and injection molding industries, computer components

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