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Monitrix Range

Monitrix Range

Our monitrix range of products are a very unique offering to the market. Designed as a solution to analytical chemistry, the product range enables the end user to take a representative sample of oil/ water for analyses in our accredited laboratories.

With 25 years experience analysing water, environmental, microbiological and oil samples for our customers, our talented team of chemists, scientists and engineers have development these tools to help our customers get more accurate results from the quality of the sample taken.

Monitrix Range of Products

  • Fuelmonitrix –
    A fuel test kit that detects presence of illegal fuels (laundered diesel, stretched petrol
  • Lubemonitrix –
    An oil analysis test kit, that assists with the collection of a waste oil sample for analysis in our Oil Laboratory. Oil analysis enables our engineers to detect problems, wear or tear in an engine
  • Aquamonitrix –
    Real time remote equipment for the monitoring of water quality
  • Hydromonitrix –
    A water test kit which tests for 6 parameters (pH, ammonia, hardness, phosphate, nitrate/ nitrite, Alkalinity)