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Oil Analysis Overview

Engine Oil analysis is a tool used by engineers worldwide to detect wear and tear within an engine/ piece of equipment. Traditionally used by companies as part of their asset maintenance programs.

A small sample of oil, analysed in a dedicated oil analysis laboratory can show traces of metals, debris, water or fuel which indicates a problem brewing within an engine.

It helps engineers/ mechanics to make informed decisions regarding the maintenance and scheduling of repairs which prevent excessive downtime and expensive repair costs.

An oil analysis program can over time, develop trends showing how machinery is affect by various increases in productivity or changes in operating conditions. It allows managers to plan resources more effectively, source parts and schedule downtime for repairs which will not have a huge financial impact on the company or a delay in service delivery.

TelLab have Irelands only oil analysis laboratory, which operates to ISO 9001:2008 standards and tests all oil samples in-house. This laboratory focuses on machine care, lubrication and transformer oil analysis.

Machine Care Analysis

Machine Care is a world-leading predictive maintenance system based on condition monitoring through Oil Analysis.

By taking a few minutes of your time to obtain a small sample T. E. Laboratories Ltd can identify potential problems in your machinery before they cause serious damage.

Using Machine Care T. E. Laboratories Ltd can identify abnormal wear in any of lubricated metallic components of your machinery giving you early warning of possible failure. It can spot many other sources of trouble such as dirty fuel and coolant contamination before they lead to breakdown.


Transcheck has been developed specifically to apply to all types and sizes of transformer filled with mineral insulating oil. Using analytical results from a number of small oil samples we can help predict Transformer faults before they lead to complete failure.


Lubemonitrix is a unique product developed for the Irish market, to provide an oil analysis tool that can be easily used by mechanics to find out what is happening inside an engine of any vehicle. Our customers range from fleet management, agricultural, motor, marine and manufacturing. Oil analysis kits can be purchased directly from our website www.lubemonitrix.ie

All samples are sent into our oil analysis laboratory in TelLab, where our experienced engineers put the sample through highly sophisticated equipment to uncover clues which may highlight problem areas in the engine

Youtube Video - How to take an engine oil sample

A video showing how to use the kit is available on youtube

Youtube How to take an oil sample

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